So since joining Message Wales I feel my faith has grown in so many ways, but mostly by pushing me to grow my "own" relationship with God  I've started to notice the things that hold that back and things that help it . One of those things (clichéd but true) is my life long food obsession. I think I was made to always want a burger over a apple but it has always been that one thing holding me back alot, and I've noticed it takes alot away from me in confidence and my self control is non existent! 🐷🐷🐷

With this in mind and being the start of lent, I've decided that the time has come to try and sort this weight thing. Combined with personal reasons and Message Wales I have thought long and hard about how I can do something to break the food idol (which it has become) and also fundraise for this valuable charity of work for.
So whats a better way to help lose the lbs but also gain £'s for Message Wales then to do a weightloss fundraiser 😣😯 (haha nothing like a bit of public humiliation) oh man what have I signed up too lol! But seriously aside from my demons saying I can't do it I know this is the right time to at least give it a big go!!

So the fundraiser is based around £ for a lb (as as challenge to me more than anything) so If any one wants to pledge to help me along with that that would be such an encouragement to me! If you can and want to help in just a one off way that also would be so kind and help me through. I'm starting today and plan to do the weightloss fundraiser for 3months (I want to continue after but in terms of the fundraiser it will be over just the 3) One a serious note being tied to fundraising like this is a serious boost for my lacking willpower!!! I'm planning on doing some challenges along the way like fasts and maybe other things so any encouragement would be so gratefully received in any shape or form...

Anyway I realise this post has gone on pretentiously too long already but if you've not skipped off me by now then thanks so much for reading this far....promise this will be the longest post I ever write again...😂😂😂
If you do want to donate: by pledging an amount to each pound lost then just let me know on here or message me and I'll add you to a sponsorship form, if you just want to give a one off donation then probably just do the same through here....(sorry not good asking for money) and honestly anything will be just so encouraging! Thank you so much...I will update on progress lol! It's for such a great charity...


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We are a Christian charity tackling issues youth are facing today. Our initiatives include Eden- youth workers moving into tough estates to bring change within communities; Message Enterprise Centre, providing jobs, training & housing for ex-offenders; & bands who teach life lessons in schools.
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